Vision & strategy


Pacific Rubiales aims to be the premier independent E&P company in Latin America. The major strategic focus of the Company is sustainable growth. The Company is able to achieve this growth by combining the expertise and talents of its people with a high-quality portfolio of assets to support further sustainable, responsible and profitable creation of value.


The combination of Pacific Rubiales’ human talent, technical excellence, operational capabilities, and an outstanding ability to discover, develop, and market new hydrocarbon reserves, provide a distinct advantage to the Company, and maximize value in each stage of the Company’s value chain.


The Company aims to enhance shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration, and development of prospective oil and gas exploration assets and areas. The Company continues to analyze various projects to diversify its portfolio in Latin America.


The Company has high-quality production and exploration assets in prolific hydrocarbon basins. The Company aims to secure market access for its products and support future growth through participation in key oil and gas transportation and infrastructure assets.





The technical excellence of the Company’s personnel, coupled with the proficiency and considerable experience of its management, are instrumental in the Company delivering on its vision.


  The Company’s main focus is on growth. Pacific Rubiales’ management team is positioned to take full advantage of present and future opportunities in exploration and production in the Latin American region.


Having a strong and diversified reserves base is a cornerstone for the Company’s future growth. The Company uses leading-edge technology to reduce exploration risk in areas where its knowledge and talents provide a competitive advantage. The Company will ensure that it continues to increase its reserves, through developing existing discoveries, making new discoveries, and acquiring new assets.