Local market

In the Colombian market Pacific Rubiales Energy sells Natural Gas and Rubiales crude for industrial or bunker usage.

Rubiales Crude

Is a heavy crude oil, from the Rubiales Pirirí block in the Meta Department in Colombia. Due to its key properties, which include low TAN, low levels of sulfur and metal contents, is highly attractive for traders/buyers because it allows compliance to environmental regulations.

Uses: it is primarily utilized as coker feed, extra heavy crude oil, and as a raw material for bunkers, asphalts, fuels, and naphthenic lube oils.

Location Meta Department
Transportation Land
Cargoe Size 70.000–110.000 barrels
Typical API° 12.5
Typical % Sulfur 1.275


La Creciente Natural Gas

Is the second largest "non-associated" gas producing field in Colombia. It is situated in the Northeastern department of Colombia, Sucre. Due to its properties, La Creciente gas has high gross heating value.

Natural gas from La Creciente consists primarily (97%) of methane (CH4). It is delivered to the gas National Transportation System in which compliance to regulatory specifications of contaminating agents such as: CO (carbon monoxide), H2 (hydrogen), O2 (oxygen) and H20 (water) are verified. La Creciente gas doesn’t include in its properties H2S and CO2, which makes it environmentally sustainable.

Gas trade is done in accordance to Law 142-1994 provisions, Decree 2867, 2008 and CREG´s Resolution 071, 1999 and Resolution 126, 2010, among others being our main customer’s power electricity generators and the industrial sector.

Gas transportation is mainly done through gas pipelines, in accordance to CREG´s Resolution 071,1999 and the remainder is as compressed or liquefied gas (CNG or LNG).